Top 10 Styling Tips for Men

Dressing up for men doesn’t always have to be about wearing a suit or hopping on fashion trends all the time. Today we’re gonna look at my top 10 styling tips for men who just wanna look presentable in their day to day life to create an amazing first impression on someone without looking too flashy or just be a better dressed and more presentable version of yourself.

01. You don’t have to look good only on occasions.

I have seen this mentality in a lot of people around me and I couldn’t disagree more with it. You don’t need an occasion to wear better clothes or to look presentable. You should dress well for yourself, to look like a grown man and not a man child who doesn’t care how they look.

02. Avoid wearing Graphic T-shirts.

If you want to look well dressed you have to aim on looking more mature. After all, maturity is what differentiates a man and a boy. You don’t have to wear suits/shirts, just avoid wearing graphic t-shirts like a teenager. You can instead wear plain fitted t-shirts or try patterns like strips.

03. Bottom wear.

Okay, So I have a few points to talk about here,

  1. You don’t have to ONLY wear jeans to look presentable, you can wear shorts, pants etc.
  2. Always buy jeans/pants/shorts that fit you well.

I have seen so many guys wearing jeans that are soo loose and it DOES NOT look good. Find a nice pair of jeans that fit you well.

04. Foot ware

Invest in a good pair of shoes. Also remember that there are more types of shoes than sneakers or flipflops. You should wear your foot ware according to the occasion as well. YOU SHOULD NOT WEAR FILPFLOPS ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE.

05. Accessorize

Men can accessorize too. Things like wearing a nice watch or a bracelet can give you such a smart look. There are also ties, tie pins that can help you dress up your look. Small details like these help you look good without being too flashy. Also try fragrance because it is also a very important to smell fresh.

BONUS TIP: Choose either belt or suspenders, never wear them together because they are the same.

06. Layering

This particular tip is an essential for both men and women. Just one simple layer of correct clothing can take your outfit from 0 to 100. It can be a bit challenging but is definitely worth trying out.

07. Stick to neutral colors.

Don’t get me wrong, adding colors to your outfit is always fun and amazing. But if you are a beginner you should stick to basics for now. And neutral colors aren’t always boring, with correct size and styling neutrals can make a huge impact as well.

08. Be Confident and Comfortable.

Now by being comfortable I do not mean you should roam around looking like you’re at your home, being comfortable doesn’t mean being shabby. You can be comfortable in maybe wearing shorts rather than jeans/pants and that’s fine until and unless you’re looking put-together. And if you’re comfortable then confidence wont be a huge problem I hope. Just know that you can rock any look with a happy and a positive smile.

09. Tuck it in.

Now this maybe a personal preference but I feel like anything ( t-shirt/shirt), when tucked in looks a lot better and clean/smart than when its not.

10. Dressing up is not only for a specific gender.

I have seen a lot of people who believe that dressing up/ planning outfits is a “girly” thing to do. ITS NOT. You should dress however you want as far as you are comfortable with it.

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