Top 10 Stylings Tips for Women

Looking put-together without putting much effort is almost everyone’s dream. So here I am to give you Top 10 Style tips or hacks to make your mornings easier. These hacks may seem pretty basic and simple but trust me it will come handy in future while deciding the perfect outfits for any occasion.

01. Invest in Basics more

BASICS NEVER GO OUT OF FASHION. This is simply because you can style and layer basics any way you want. So things like a black/white tee, a denim jeans, sneakers are a must have in your wardrobe. You can layer them with literally so many things. You can use these pieces to dress down any outfit of yours.

02. Declutter and Organise

As much as we all hate decluttering and organizing, it is one of the very important tasks to do in order to look neat. How do you expect to dress nicely or efficiently if you cant see half of the pieces you own. So always have a nice and a clean wardrobe so that you can see what you own and can decide what you wanna wear without any hassle.

03. Know your Body

Knowing what your skin-tone and body shape is also very necessary in order to shop for yourself. You should know what colors match you and what style/pattern doesn’t suit your body type. Though i believe that you can wear whatever you want irrespective of anything, but there will be definitely a few pieces that will fit you like a glove and complement your skintone.

04. 3 Essential Jackets

Just like having basics can help you with styling up or styling down a look, there are these 3 types of jacket you should have in your wardrobe. Those are: a Blazer (tailored preferably so that it fits you perfectly), a Denim jacket and a Leather jacket.

05. Accessorize

You can change the whole look with the help of accessories and thats what I love about it. You can have a few statement pieces but again focus more on basics as you will be wearing them more often than statement ones.

06. Learn How to Layer

I’hve seen alot of people getting a bit hesitant when it comes to layering your clothes. I understand it can be tricky but its worth giving a try for sure. Your look can go from a 0 to 100 real quick if you do the correct amount of layering. This might take you a while to figure out but I promise once you’ll get used to it you will be obssessed with it.

07. Plan your Looks

This is definitely for people like me. If I don’t plan my outfit, I’ll end up wearing the same outfit over and over again. So its better to plan out your outfit ahead of time according to the occasion.

08. Step out of your Comfort zone.

Try things you haven’t tried before, I promise its fun. Experiment with your looks as much as you can. You can try different patterns or styles. This way you’ll also get to know your preferences and can dress in a better way. Besides you can always change an outfit if you don’t like so what’s wrong in giving it a try.

09. Confidence is KEY

I’m sure you have heard this a million times before but trust me having a little bit of confidence will change your whole fashion game. There is nothing WRONG is fashion, you can do whatever you like and style your look however you like so always be confident.

10. Age is just a Number.

You can rock any style/ any clothing at all ages. All you need is confident. You should know you are rocking the outfit and that’s it. No one can come and tell you to ” Dress according to your age”.


  1. Shreyash says:

    I Loved this, it was very informative. Just one suggestion that would please add infographic images next from next time, it would be great to see a visual representation.

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    1. bwithbhavi says:

      Sure, i’ll keep that in mind.
      Thanks for your feedback🤗❤


    2. Niyo says:

      Amazing ❤️💙

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  2. Smith says:

    Thankyou for this content. 🥰

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  3. Khushi Lengade says:


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  4. Joanne A says:

    Thanks for sharing. This was so helpful! I’d keep these tips in mind.

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    1. bwithbhavi says:

      I’m glad you found it helpful🤗

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