Top 10 Stylings Tips for Women

Looking put-together without putting much effort is almost everyone’s dream. So here I am to give you Top 10 Style tips or hacks to make your mornings easier. These hacks may seem pretty basic and simple but trust me it will come handy in future while deciding the perfect outfits for any occasion.

01. Invest in Basics more

BASICS NEVER GO OUT OF FASHION. This is simply because you can style and layer basics any way you want. So things like a black/white tee, a denim jeans, sneakers are a must have in your wardrobe. You can layer them with literally so many things. You can use these pieces to dress down any outfit of yours.

02. Declutter and Organise

As much as we all hate decluttering and organizing, it is one of the very important tasks to do in order to look neat. How do you expect to dress nicely or efficiently if you cant see half of the pieces you own. So always have a nice and a clean wardrobe so that you can see what you own and can decide what you wanna wear without any hassle.

03. Know your Body

Knowing what your skin-tone and body shape is also very necessary in order to shop for yourself. You should know what colors match you and what style/pattern doesn’t suit your body type. Though i believe that you can wear whatever you want irrespective of anything, but there will be definitely a few pieces that will fit you like a glove and complement your skintone.

04. 3 Essential Jackets

Just like having basics can help you with styling up or styling down a look, there are these 3 types of jacket you should have in your wardrobe. Those are: a Blazer (tailored preferably so that it fits you perfectly), a Denim jacket and a Leather jacket.

05. Accessorize

You can change the whole look with the help of accessories and thats what I love about it. You can have a few statement pieces but again focus more on basics as you will be wearing them more often than statement ones.

06. Learn How to Layer

I’hve seen alot of people getting a bit hesitant when it comes to layering your clothes. I understand it can be tricky but its worth giving a try for sure. Your look can go from a 0 to 100 real quick if you do the correct amount of layering. This might take you a while to figure out but I promise once you’ll get used to it you will be obssessed with it.

07. Plan your Looks

This is definitely for people like me. If I don’t plan my outfit, I’ll end up wearing the same outfit over and over again. So its better to plan out your outfit ahead of time according to the occasion.

08. Step out of your Comfort zone.

Try things you haven’t tried before, I promise its fun. Experiment with your looks as much as you can. You can try different patterns or styles. This way you’ll also get to know your preferences and can dress in a better way. Besides you can always change an outfit if you don’t like so what’s wrong in giving it a try.

09. Confidence is KEY

I’m sure you have heard this a million times before but trust me having a little bit of confidence will change your whole fashion game. There is nothing WRONG is fashion, you can do whatever you like and style your look however you like so always be confident.

10. Age is just a Number.

You can rock any style/ any clothing at all ages. All you need is confident. You should know you are rocking the outfit and that’s it. No one can come and tell you to ” Dress according to your age”.

5 Min Makeup Routine For Fresh Skin All Day

Who doesn’t like to look good and fresh all day. But it can be quite a task with all the dust, pollution and sweat we face all day. Be it a date, or a day out with friends, a very important business meeting or a normal work day, I am sure this routine will get you through it with ease.

So here is my current and all time favorite makeup routines for all the busy bee’s out there with a list of all my favorite products that will stay put for a long time and not make your face cakey throughout the day.


  1. Foundation/concealer- Now I personally don’t like wearing a full face of foundation everyday , so instead what I like to do is use my foundation as my concealer. I love the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation to use as my concealer, since its full coverage and not that heavy if you apply it correctly. You can also set that in place with the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder.

TIP- Get the powder in the exact shade of your skin to make it look more natural.

  • Blush – Blush is something I recently stared loving a little too much. My obsession with blushes is something that I’m not very proud of but its okay. Blushes lift up your face and brings life to it according to me. You can use cream or powder blush but I personally prefer cream since it looks more natural. If you don’t have a cream blush then you can just take a lipstick and apply it on your cheeks. Some of my fav powder blushes are definitely from MyGlamm.

Step 2 – EYES

  1. Eyeliner- Now I know that eyeliners can be difficult at times and you can totally skip this part if you want to. But I’d suggest you add a nice small and tight wing eyeliner to make your eyes stand out more. I would suggest you to get a waterproof eyeliner for less hassle

  • Mascara- I can not live without my las curler and my mascara. They make such a difference that its no joke. I would suggest you to slightly heat your curler with your blow dyer and see the magic, but please be careful and check the curler once on your hand before putting the heated curler on your eyes. And as for mascara my current favorite is  from MyGlamm.


  1. LIPSTICK- Now for me, I use 2 lipsticks. One as the liner and the other as a laipstick, ofcourse. I like to stick to tones of browns and nudes for my everyday makeup because that will not look weird even if the lipstick rubs off later in the day. The ones that I use is MyGlamm’s lip crayon and lipstick.

I have been using these products and this routine for a while now and I am in love with it. These products wont make you look like a mess at the end of the day and it will only take you 5 mins to get ready in the morning.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions or recommendations for all of us.

Thanks for reading

How to Style Neutrals

Neutrals is one of my favorite asthetics because of alot of reasons. And here I have a full guide of How to Style Neutrals to help you out.

01. What are Neutrals?

Neutrals are basically colors that lack any or have a small amount of pigment/color. Some examples of neutrals are: Beige, Brown, Black, White, Ivory etc. Neutrals are generally very easy to style because they blend in and can be paired with anything.

Neutral Staples everyone should have

1. A pair of jeans in any Neutral shade.

2. Pants in Neutral shade.

3. Tan coat/ jackets

4. Cream, Beige Sweater/Cardigan

5. Black/ Tan boots

6. Tank tops in Neutral shades.

Styling Neutrals/ Outfit Ideas.

1. Monochromatic Look

You can style a monochromatic look by pairing same shade in different/same tones. This looks so classy and beautiful and also its easier to style.

2. Neutrals with a pop of color

This one is a bit more tricky because you do not wanna look tacky when you style a statement piece with a neutral look. So just be careful with the tones of your statement piece.

3. Patterns and Texture.

Now these are some of the most fun ones to style because of how easy and cool it looks. This can look soo effortless and fashionable and thats why it is my favourite way to style neutrals.

4. Add in Earth tones

Okay, so this is also my favourite way to style neutrals just because I love earth tones, and I simply cannot get enough of them. They look so classy and chic that I can literally wear them everyday.

Thankyou for reading guys, I hope it was helpful.

Top 10 Styling Tips for Men

Dressing up for men doesn’t always have to be about wearing a suit or hopping on fashion trends all the time. Today we’re gonna look at my top 10 styling tips for men who just wanna look presentable in their day to day life to create an amazing first impression on someone without looking too flashy or just be a better dressed and more presentable version of yourself.

01. You don’t have to look good only on occasions.

I have seen this mentality in a lot of people around me and I couldn’t disagree more with it. You don’t need an occasion to wear better clothes or to look presentable. You should dress well for yourself, to look like a grown man and not a man child who doesn’t care how they look.

02. Avoid wearing Graphic T-shirts.

If you want to look well dressed you have to aim on looking more mature. After all, maturity is what differentiates a man and a boy. You don’t have to wear suits/shirts, just avoid wearing graphic t-shirts like a teenager. You can instead wear plain fitted t-shirts or try patterns like strips.

03. Bottom wear.

Okay, So I have a few points to talk about here,

  1. You don’t have to ONLY wear jeans to look presentable, you can wear shorts, pants etc.
  2. Always buy jeans/pants/shorts that fit you well.

I have seen so many guys wearing jeans that are soo loose and it DOES NOT look good. Find a nice pair of jeans that fit you well.

04. Foot ware

Invest in a good pair of shoes. Also remember that there are more types of shoes than sneakers or flipflops. You should wear your foot ware according to the occasion as well. YOU SHOULD NOT WEAR FILPFLOPS ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE.

05. Accessorize

Men can accessorize too. Things like wearing a nice watch or a bracelet can give you such a smart look. There are also ties, tie pins that can help you dress up your look. Small details like these help you look good without being too flashy. Also try fragrance because it is also a very important to smell fresh.

BONUS TIP: Choose either belt or suspenders, never wear them together because they are the same.

06. Layering

This particular tip is an essential for both men and women. Just one simple layer of correct clothing can take your outfit from 0 to 100. It can be a bit challenging but is definitely worth trying out.

07. Stick to neutral colors.

Don’t get me wrong, adding colors to your outfit is always fun and amazing. But if you are a beginner you should stick to basics for now. And neutral colors aren’t always boring, with correct size and styling neutrals can make a huge impact as well.

08. Be Confident and Comfortable.

Now by being comfortable I do not mean you should roam around looking like you’re at your home, being comfortable doesn’t mean being shabby. You can be comfortable in maybe wearing shorts rather than jeans/pants and that’s fine until and unless you’re looking put-together. And if you’re comfortable then confidence wont be a huge problem I hope. Just know that you can rock any look with a happy and a positive smile.

09. Tuck it in.

Now this maybe a personal preference but I feel like anything ( t-shirt/shirt), when tucked in looks a lot better and clean/smart than when its not.

10. Dressing up is not only for a specific gender.

I have seen a lot of people who believe that dressing up/ planning outfits is a “girly” thing to do. ITS NOT. You should dress however you want as far as you are comfortable with it.

Thanks for reading

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